Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We watched in horror as the storm rolled in to the east coast, New Yorkers are pretty tough cookies, But i must ask, and wonder....why did they try to ride out a storm if they were not prepared?

I see on the news today that residents of areas without water or power are fighting and feeling desperate without basic supplies.
I know the decision to stay is valid, and I am NOT judging them for choosing that, however I pity them, honestly if it were me, I would have packed the Bug out Bus long before the storm rolled in, and took a road trip. Taking along with me all my precious cargo, my food, blankets, and irreplaceable family heirlooms, As we speak, we have the bus ready to roll at a moments notice, with food, blankets, and basic supplies, with 72 hours notice, we could easily pack up all (ALL) our families needs and happily hit the road.

I hope and pray the people affected by this Frankenstorm will find relief, that they will be warm, fed and comfortable.

I am ever so grateful for the Ark, and the comfort I have in knowing my home on wheels is ready to roll, should the need ever arise.

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  1. Because in some cities officials did not stress the importance of leaving. Because some people do not have the money to cover basic supplies for a day nevermind several days or even weeks. Because you're talking about one of the most heavily populated places in North America crammed into less than 30 miles with not enough supplies to go around (surely you of all people know that most stores don't have more than 3 days worth of supplies as it is, don't you?) Because some of the hardest hit areas are where the most marginalized people live and all they had were their homes. Because if the rule of thumb touted by FEMA is to keep at least 3 days of basic needs on hand and the crisis lasts 2 weeks then you're still screwed.

    That's why.