Why a bug out bus

Most people in the world have some form of insurance to protect them and their family from “mayhem”. We have medical, fire, auto, flood, and life insurance. But we don’t have any insurance that is going to protect us from a true disaster. For instance if our government or our economy collapsed our insurance policies we got probably wouldn’t be worth much, and we would be left out in the cold. Or even if the government and economy were intact and healthy but we suffered a large natural disaster it would take a long time for you to turn in your claims and receive compensation from them, leaving you cold hungry and homeless for who knows how long. It is for these reasons and others (such as FUN) we built our bus. And I want others to be protected also. In the world of uncertainty there is the obvious need to provide shelter for you and your family, in times of natural disaster economic or civil unrest, or in pandemic environment it is important that you are prepared to care for you and your loved ones. Some forms of emergency shelters are remote cabins or underground bunkers. These types of shelters are obviously permanent and cannot be easily moved, which makes for the possibility that they may be in the wrong spot or may not be accessible during a time of emergency. And since they are remote there is the likely hood of theft or vandalism to occur,  also there is the possibility that you may move your family to a new city or state for work or other reasons making your shelter that much farther away from you and your family in times of great need. For this and other obvious reasons We've created a current type of bus /motor home/bug out vehicle,  that you and you're family can live in comfortably year long by wind sun and any type of burnable fuel such as wood. Also, our supper shelters are mobile and can travel up to 1400 miles without stopping. Getting you and your loved ones to Safety where ever that may be and allowing you to adapt depending upon the circumstances and the nature of the threat, and not be limited to one location only. Our buses also are the best of motor homes making them a joy to travel in, getting up to 12 to 14 miles per gallon in a 40 ft bus. Heck that's better than my suburban. You will be able t take your survival shelter with you when you travel leaving you always prepared and ready, no matter where you go in the world. How's that for security and peace of mind? Also if needed or wanted you could move around after the collapse or disaster to a new or more favorable location such as a change in climate. You could flee together with friends and family and have safety in numbers against gangs and threats, and gather with like minded people that are of one heart and one mind. Your wife and kids will love your new bus and be very supportive about it because of all the wonderful family time you will spend in it on vacations traveling in style and comfort and peace.

By now you’ve got to be wondering what type of bus this is. Believe me we've found the best. We've spent the best money, for the best design, for the best safety, for our best investment, Our CHILDREN. Yup you've guessed it, it is school bus. School buses have strict guidelines when it comes to maintenance and Safety. They are very well taken care of and most cannot remain in service after 10 years. This is when we get them and transform them into the best RV there is. Think about it. They are literally built like a tank. Have you ever seen a regular RV in an accident? It’s a big pile of wood and insulation and tin sitting on the side of the road that no longer resembles an RV. 

How would you like your loved ones ridding in there?  Heaven forbid they would be in an accident or a tree fell on them or something.  Those things are flimsy and weak and definitely built to be a cheap as possible. Now have you seen what happens to a school bus after an accident? It still looks like a school bus, even after rolling over several times. There is definitely no comparison between them.  Also our buses are very maneuverable. Think about all the crazy bus routes they were designed for, from the city to the backwoods dirt road. They have high clearances, sharp turning radiuses and automatic chains for snowy or icy roads. They have proven their performance in their ability to navigate treacherous roads safely. We can park ours in a regular parking spot at the grocery store (taking up to stalls of course). None the less they are built like tanks designed to take a beating, and protect their precious cargo inside like no other vehicle can. While, may I remind you ours fully loaded get 12 miles per gallon, which again is the same as our family suburban and much better than most motor homes half its size.

It’s also "green". Environmentally that is, (or in color if you want). We save the bus from landfills, we also can use recycled parts from RVs that are no longer on the road for materials that would plug up landfills. (This is what we did with our own personal bus). You can save yourself while saving the planet! It’s green that it can be lived in remote wildernesses without being a permanent structure, polluting the land. For those who wish you could easily live in it full time traveling the world year round consuming only sunlight, wind dead wood, and used cooking oil. I mean how much better could it get?  It would cost you almost nothing to live!

In normal day living and especially in times of great need, everyone needs some form of shelter, and our buses provide safety, comfort, and peace of mind where ever you chose to live, travel or escape to. Place your order and become prepared now. It is the best home, family and life insurance Money can buy,  don't be a fool in a crisis,  be prepared let us build your "ARK" for you!