Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On the Road again....

Camping and establishing routine and order. When we pulled into our camp spot we knew we were going to have a challenge, we had not taken the bus on the road since we adopted our newest son. He has special needs and we were concerned for his safety as our assigned spot was RIGHT next to the road.
We made the arrangements to move and it took the remainder of the day to get settled. Laundry for 8 ppl in a 40 ft bus takes some serious order! We have established a method to keep the madness in check.
Each child has a small roller case, ALL of their daily ware stays in that case. during the days we lay each case out on the top bunks, when it is time for bed, we move/transfer everything to 'the laundry bay' this is an open closet that one day will house a washing machine, for now it is the perfect size for all of our cases.
We have had a GLORIOUS time here in Bear Lake State Park
We rented a water trampoline the first day (and the storm clouds rolled in) then today we rented 2 RZR's UTV and rode in the hills for a scenic but uneventful ride ;) Good times on the beach, where the kids play in the turquiose blue waters and I read my 2nd novel in as many days ;)