Products & Services

Products and services
  We build to accommodate you wants and needs. From a basic shell with some bunk beds and a sofa, to the finest land yacht Available. 
*We use master craftsman, who are experts in their fields with years of experience. 
Or we can teach you and coach you on how to build your bus on your own. Giving you the ability and skills of how to create and maintain your bus on your own, making you truly self sufficient. Or we offer to be your talented guide who can do all these things for you. We can do part or all of the work.
 This is a great opportunity to get a superior product and stay within your budget. You can also have us build your bus in stages. For example, when we first built our bus we had three weeks to get as much done as we could before our friends showed up who were going to be staying in our home while we went on the road. So we framed the bus with beds, seats, and tables. Put in most of the plumbing and water supply, most of the electrical, the a/c and generator, then headed out on the road. It was comfortable and useable but not very pretty, being that it was partly finished. 
The next summer we continued to work on the bus, finishing up the wood work and adding a heater and a wood stove and finally painting the bus. We had no problem living and traveling in the bus the first summer, but it is definitely more comfortable and capable of providing our needs now.

 I have not heard of any other company that is willing to build or sell you an RV in stages of completion, allowing you to create and design and build your dream RV as time and money permits, while allowing you to use and travel in the RV as is.

 Take advantage of this great opportunity. And email us to schedule an appointment to discuss. Prices and needs.

  For those of you who wish to tackle the conversion processes on your own, but are unsure how to start or may want some help with the process. We offer a consulting service, with everything from on site hands on help, to daily weekly or monthly help, via phone. video. Skype or pics through email, to give you peace of mind that everything is as it should be. Email us to discuss needs and prices.

. Send us an email; I'm sure we can meet your needs. Let our family help yours.
Wes and Dee Gordon

Email To discuss. Prices and needs.

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  1. I love this site!!! I hope to do the same in the near future. Are you still in business? I see your last entries were in 2013. Thanks and God Bless your Family!