Saturday, October 30, 2010

California 2010

So as not to confuse you with our OTHER California trips (wink)
We only had a few hours on the beach, but the pictures will last me a while.
(until Jan-Feb when Wes & I are going to HAWAII!)

We left Disneyland and jumped in the bus,

It was chilly in the morning, but warm enough for swimsuits by 10 a.m. we sat, listened to the waves and enjoyed God's Splendor. He is so good to us. What creative, and breathtaking beauty.
we headed towards a beach (any beach really I just wanted to be on a beach for the sunrise) Wes drove and the rest of us rested, (the kids can sleep while the bus is rolling, I however cannot) We found a public parking spot, and read the signs, it was closed until 8 a.m.
We found a peace officer and asked his advice on where to sleep. He gave us instructions, and we were off.
We found the spot he suggested, and I directed Wes into a parking spot.
We pulled the curtains closed, open the windows to listen tot he surf and went to sleep. around 4 a.m. Elijah woke and was crying, we found a binky for him and tucked him back into bed with us. then within minutes we had an obnoxious KNOCKING that would not stop. Abi was asleep on the front bed,a nd she freaked out and rant to he back of the bus, Wes got dressed and went to the door.
It was a set of officers who were not to pleased.
They set in interrogating Wes on who we were, why we were here, and a number of questions.
Did we know that it is illegal to sleep in your vehicle?
Did we know it is illegal to cover all the windows in your vehicle?
Did we know we could not take up multiple parking spots?
Then they set in on the bus,
Are there seat-belts?
Where do we put the kids while we travel?
Why did our daughter (who they thought was a 20 year old) run and hide when they knocked on the door?

needless to say my plans for camping on a beach for 2 weeks was ruined. if I had to answer these types of questions each and every day the 'relax on a beach' part would not be possible!
So I had to suffice my needs with an morning on the beach, and sigh.... make do.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where in the World has our ARK been!? (Williamsburg VA)

Leaving Williamsburg VA we traveled to Valley Forge, after a long drive, Wes navigated through the crowded and traffic riddled streets, to arrive at 11 p.m. at the National Park.

It was so late, and we were ready for bed, so Wes parked in the visitors parking lot and laid down, I knew we were going to get visitors so I suggested Wes prepare for it when sure enough a Spot Light was directed to our bus and 2 patrol vehicles pulled up next to us.

Wes got up and talked with hem, they notified us it was illegal to park in this park (as they do not offer camping faculties) Wes apologized, they took our ID and we proceeded to visit with them as they ran my ID.

They said they normally would ticket campers, but felt like we would be OK to stay for the night since we had "FAMILY" painted on the side of the bus, and didn't want to bother the kids who would be sleeping.

Incidentally they asked how many kids we had on the bus and we told them 6, they asked if they were all ours? (grin) of course!

The next morning, we readied for the day, and walked around the Park, we took a tour, and learned about Washington's Army. We were in awe and humbled by what pains and sacrifices were made by our American Brothers of 1776.

They also offer a "once upon a Nation" Story telling bench, throughout the park (which is 3800 acres) they have park benches and story tellers who teach the kids in great narrative voices about stories from that time and place.

And YES SHAME ON ME For NOT taking a photo during the midnight interrogation. (oops sorry!)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Boon dock Vacation

We boon docked (slept in the bus, not plugged in) saved money... I like that :D

and then we got to see Yorktown Battlefield, the kids talked e into walking down the path to the White Flag of Cornwallis



After we were done (and crispy sun burnt) we had to walk back to the picnic area, I swear it was a 4 mile round trip... in the open air (read: SUN SHINE & HUMIDITY)

but the kids had fun (who knew they had cactus in Virginia!?)

the view was spectacular, the company was lovely, and the historic reminder of the preciousness of FREEDOM was poignant .

We talked to the kids about the significance of this part of the country, just as the precious blood spilt in Nauvoo for our religion, the blood spilt for our Nations freedom it is hard NOT to be humbled by the magnitude of sacrifice.

Thank You America....

I Love You

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Working....on the Ark

I have been on the job, solo, so no time to take pictures of:

Myself & the kids cleaning up the destruction/construction zone,(*) Installing a Shut-off Solenoid for the Diesel Engine, Ordering & organizing parts to pack & take to Utah, (*)Installing Seat Belts (*with Virgil's help THANKS BUD!)

Vacuuming, sweeping, and wiping down wood in preparation for Polyurethane,

Phone calls arranging the pick up of the Junk RV that NEEDS TO DEPART! (the RV we got for FREE, that had NO BRAKES by the time we had it home!)

Ordering a new pressure hose for the Suburban that needs a quart of Steering fluid added to it on nearly a daily basis,

Washing, folding, packing, organizing clothes for this army to travel.

Cleaning and organizing the house for guests to stay.

Bryan is back on the job he has been working on the 12 v lights and securing the generator, We are REALLY PRAYING for a job for him SOON! but we are eternally grateful for all the time he has willingly put into our bus. We feel like it is 1/2 his! so any time Sasha wants to take her on a trip We will gladly give her the keys!!!

more pics later...