Friday, June 22, 2012

Survival Meals.

Eating is probably the #1 concern for a Bug out situation.

And our family LOVES to eat. We have a few mouths to feed, (between 11-14 depending on who is home) and often have invited guests to join us. Because of this, we have a budget.

When our family travels, we tend to spend a fortune on meals! With a gaggle of kids in tow, we can easily lay down $150 for one meal out.

The ease of cooking a meal in our bus has been one of our greatest pleasures!

We buy groceries as if we are home, and prepare meals very much like we do every day.

We are a budget minded family, in all we do, we tend to scrutinize our expenses to ensure we have enough to provide for our future needs, as well as the capacity to help others less fortunate than us. Eating on a budget includes eating nothing from a box or package. (i.e. No lean cuisine, nor chef Boyardee) .

Here is a typical weeks menu on the road. Variations when we have the opportunity to try local fare, and or a farmers market blesses us with something unexpected.


Oatmeal with honey, butter and dried fruits.
Whole Wheat pancakes with Real Maple Syrup.
French Toast.
Country potatoes. (or hash browns)
Home made bread
Home made Tortillas


Home made pizza
Pasta (Alfredo, spaghetti)


Dutch Oven Roasts
Whole Baked Chicken
Brown Rice & Beans

Home made Macaroni & Cheese
Bean Burritos
Taco Soup
Leftover Chicken Salad
Hand Pressed Burgers & Steak Cut Fries

As you can see our menu is pretty simple, however we never go hungry! and every meal on our menu can be prepared with ease in the bus.

If you would like a copy of my recipe Please comment and I will post a specific recipe for you all!

Next week I will share with you what we have learned about eating our weeds! (and I am *NOT* referring to cannabis weed)

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