Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hype...or Help?

It's not about the hype, because life changes from hype are not long lasting.

It is about the HELP.

Help your neighbors when a storm has knocked out power. Help your friends when they are unemployed, help your children understand quality of life, Help your self to be healthy from hard work and healthy foods.

While many of us make healthy changes (Say, in January) how long do those last? Why not start each day with a resolution to do what is best for YOUR family and YOUR health right now?

Yesterday in the garden I watched as the weeds encroached upon my squash and melon plants, they were almost undetectable. So I dug in, with tools and hands and sweat and effort I rid those weeds, even though they were lovely little purple flowers on each of those weeds, I knew it was better for my plants if they were not competing for nutrients with those lovely little flowers.

Of course there are places I allow the weeds to grow, because many of them have wonderful, medicinal purposes. But for here, in my lovely bed of zucchini, yellow crook neck and cantelupe I do not let them flourish.

What has encroached into your life that needs to be thinned out? What is making it so you do not have the nutrients to flourish and grow? What can you do to change that?

I put that challenge to you, see if there are any lovely little purple weeds in your life, that may make it so you are NOT your best self.

Go ahead. Try it!

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