Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bus Design

Why we chose this design
When I set out to design our new bus/RV, I was in need of capacity, because I have a large family, 8 of us then 10 of us now. I needed beds to sleep all of us and seats to sit in while we traveled. Places for kids and parents to have some peace and quiet, and some privacy also. I need storage, with that many people living in the bus we would allot of clothes, shoes, tools, toys, books and FOOD!
 (When I say live, initially, I thought of it as a vacation, then a summer, and then I realized it could be full time.)  It all had to be orderly and neat.
 Everything had to have its proper place, and everyone needs their own spot or place or room. The other thing that was a must for me was I had to be able to “walk".
 I cannot stand to have things constantly under my feet. As you can see I was facing a very large challenge and I think our bus has met that challenge, and it has proven to be very comfortable to travel and live in. 
Each item was painstakingly thought of in its design and function, and most things have multiple functions. I also feel that the hand of providence was upon the design and the outcome. Because as the process went on and needs became evident the design of it all allowed the addition to fit perfectly.
 I hope you will enjoy your bus as much as we have enjoyed ours. Your needs can be different than ours, we encourage you to sit down and make a list, be realistic about your needs, then listen to your heart while building your bus, and make changes in design where needed. 
We offer other programs which can assist you in your custom designs. 
Welcome to peace and Safety.  

Wes & Dee Gordon Family

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